Welcome to Mbweni Ruins and Gardens

Previously known as Jungle Paradise, Mbweni Ruins and Gardens is a vibrant and experimental regeneration hub in the heart of Zanzibar, with the desire to inspire, nurture, and embrace sustainable tourism as a catalyst for transformation. More than just a resort, we are a diverse community of passionate individuals with exciting projects, dedicated to doing good and having a good time.

Mbweni Moments

From cultural celebrations to community get-togethers, there's always something special brewing at Mbweni. Join us for a series of unforgettable events that will add a dash of delight to your Mbweni experience.


27 January 2024
Mbweni Ruins & Gardens


25 January 2024
Mbweni Bay


3 February 2024
Mbweni Ruins & Gardens Restaurant

A Serene Retreat of Your Choice

Whether you're a solo adventurer, a nomadic professional, or a group planning a special team gathering, Mbweni welcomes everyone, offering diverse accommodations tailored to meet your unique preferences and ensure a comfortable stay.




Home Away from Home

At Mbweni, we strive to create a comfortable and harmonious co-living experience, providing members with a co-working space, cultural events, practical amenities like wi-fi and cleaning services, and many more.

Explore Mbweni

Embark on a Journey of Discovery with Mbweni's Diverse Range of Activities


Meet The Tribe

Join our vibrant collective of changemakers, creatives, and innovators, dedicated to the betterment of society.
Within our close-knit community, individuals from different projects with a shared passion for positive change come together to create an inspiring living environment.